Invisalign is an innovative approach to teeth straightening that suits people who don’t like the thought of wearing braces but are seeking ...
There’s nothing quite like a bright white smile. However, as we age, that bright white smile we knew so well when we were young can fade. The ...
Both braces and aligners are designed to straighten and move teeth to improve your bite and your smile. Is one more effective than the other? How ...

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Indirect bonded braces

Indirect bonding helps make treatment easier. We have expertise in this new era of braces technology.


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Beautiful smiles with Invisalign

Invisalign was created in 1999 and is an exciting, innovative method of straightening teeth, using breakthrough technologies that create beautiful smiles without bands, brackets or wires.

Using 3D imaging your treatment is planned and results will be seen even before you commence treatment. Invisalign is virtually invisible and provides patients with an aesthetic alternative to braces. Not all problems can be fixed with Invisalign and an appointment with Dr Whyte at any of our convenient locations in Brisbane, Thornlands, Biloela or Moranbah will answer your questions.

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We are well established Queensland orthodontists led by Dr Michael Whyte. We provide you with outstanding results at an affordable price.

The benefits of straight teeth are far reaching. Perfectly aligned teeth can improve your bite and overall dental health and can enhance your self-esteem. This is important for children and adults – we all deserve to feel healthy and confident!

We have highly skilled orthodontists working in locations across Brisbane and central Queensland: Red Hill, Thornlands, Moranbah and Biloela.

We’re ready to help you improve your confidence with straight teeth and a happier smile.

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