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Retainers are an important part of your treatment to ensure you enjoy lasting results.

It’s important to remember that even after orthodontic treatment, your teeth can still move. Retainers will improve the chances of your teeth remaining straight. They will also help you to maintain your bite.

Over time it has been proven that using a combination of removable and bonded retainers for life will help to maintain your perfect smile.

Removable retainers

At Whyte Orthodontics, your removable retainer will be custom-made when your braces are removed. They are manufactured from thin, clear, medical-grade plastic material and designed to fit precisely over your teeth. Their main advantage is their near invisibility, comfort and easy removal.

You will need to wear your removable retainers every day and night for the first few weeks after braces. Your orthodontist will then review your teeth alignment and check your retainers to ensure everything has settled well. They will let you know when it’s time to reduce your retainers’ wear back to evenings only.

If your retainers are too tight when you put them in at night, that indicates your teeth are moving and you will need to increase the wear time.

If your retainers no longer fit for any reason, please call the practice as soon as possible for a review. You may need a replacement to prevent your teeth moving.

Bonded Retainer

Bonded retainers

As their name implies, bonded retainers aren’t removable. A very thin wire is glued behind the back of your front six teeth, upper and lower jaw, at the time your braces are removed.

The wire is not visible to others and will ensure no movement of the bonded teeth can occur. You will notice the wire for the first few days until your tongue gets used to it, but you will soon forget it’s there.

An additional advantage of a bonded retainer is that it cannot be misplaced or left behind. However, extra care must be taken when cleaning your teeth.

There’s no rule as to how long you keep your bonded retainer. Most will be removed or replaced after a few years.

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