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Orthodontic treatment is largely about using dental braces to give you straight teeth that look great and improve your confidence. It’s also important for helping you chew, eat and speak properly, and to improve bone structure and gum health, which benefits your overall health. A confident smile has even been shown to improve your career prospects!

Teeth and jaw abnormalities do occur frequently. Teeth may become crooked and worn with time, impacted, turned, crowded, spaced, or even missing. The good news is, Whyte Orthodontics can correct these problems. You can also get advice on the best timing to minimise the cost and duration of your treatment while maximising the benefits. Specialist care is available for children as young as seven, as well as teenagers and adults – some patients have even been in their 70s!

At Whyte Orthodontics, you can have fixed braces (clear or metal), plates, expansion devices and Invisalign® to achieve excellent results. Your treatment will be tailored and evidence-based to achieve a quality, lasting result.

Appointment intervals are usually every six to 10 weeks; however, this can vary depending on the complexity and stage of your treatment. The average time to wear braces is about 18 months, while Invisalign® is about 12 months. You will need to wear a retainer once your braces come off.

Sometimes there is also the need to involve other dental specialists or your local dentist to achieve the best outcome. In these instances, you will benefit from a team approach to make sure all specialists are working together towards your goal.

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