Indirect bonded braces

Whyte Orthodontics - Indirect Bonded Braces

At Whyte Orthodontics, the latest advancements in digital technology are available – indirect bonded braces (IDB) and 3D scanning.

Traditionally, braces are applied directly to your teeth one bracket at a time. This process can be quite time-consuming with extended periods in the dental chair, and sometimes your braces need to be repositioned due to errors in placement. However, indirect bonding, or IDB, allows all brackets to be applied to your teeth at once with extreme precision. It’s faster and more comfortable, and its precision aims to deliver quicker treatment times.

Dr Whyte is highly qualified in this revolutionary technique and with ongoing professional development in Australia and overseas, this ensures Whyte Orthodontics remains at the cutting edge of this new era in orthodontics.

IDB is available at Whyte Orthodontics, Red Hill.

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