Why choose Invisalign treatment?

By Whyte OrthodonticsUncategorized23 Feb 2021

Why Choose Invisalign

Invisalign is an innovative approach to teeth straightening that suits people who don’t like the thought of wearing braces but are seeking straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Available since 1999, it’s a clear aligner system of teeth straightening that’s proven effective for tens of thousands of people around the world.


You don’t have to feel awkward wearing them – with Invisalign, you will use a series of virtually invisible custom-made removable aligners during your treatment, that are like clear, thin mouthguards. Their near invisibility means you don’t have to feel awkward about wearing them.

You can continue to eat all your favourite foods – for the best results, your Invisalign aligners should be worn at least 22 hours a day. However, it is perfectly okay to remove them while eating and drinking, and this means you can continue to eat all your favourite foods.

Cleaning your teeth is easy – because you can remove your Invisalign aligners, cleaning your teeth is very easy. Cleaning your aligners is easy too. Twice a day, simply brush your aligners with your regular toothbrush and toothpaste and rinse them under the tap before popping them back into your mouth.

They are comfortable to wear – with Invisalign, there are no wires, brackets or bands to contend with. Your aligners’ smooth finish and customisation to perfectly suit your teeth makes them very comfortable to wear. All you’ll feel is a small amount of pressure on your teeth as your aligners do their good work.

Your dental visits will be less frequent – at each dental visit, we’ll give you three or four new Invisalign aligners that you progress through roughly every two weeks. This means we’ll only need to see you in our rooms every six to eight weeks, leaving more free time to do things that make you smile!

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