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When is the best time to begin Orthodontics?

The Australian Society of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic check up at around 7 years of age. This can be beneficial as sometimes early treatment can simplify or prevent treatment later. Crossbites and jaw shifts (to the left or right) are commonly treated early with plates or partial braces.

Beginning orthodontic treatment at an early age sometimes ensures a great result with the least amount of time and expense. However, extended treatment with significant costs are not usually beneficial for young children and the current trend by some dentists to treat young children from the age of 4yrs and up usually is not in the best interest of your child. This is supported by a lot of documented evidence. So beware of extended treatment at this age. Dr Whyte is an expert in guiding your child through the development stage from 7 to 12yrs with minimal impact on your child while maximising the ultimate outcome.

If early treatment is not necessary then regular check ups can anticipate an ideal treatment start time.


Why age 7?

Age 7 is considered optimal for orthodontic screening as the first adult molars erupt and establish the back bite. At this stage an orthodontist can evaluate the bite and identify the need for orthodontic treatment. Treatment can then be commenced at the most appropriate time for your child to achieve the best outcome with the least time and cost.


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