Dental braces for teens and pre-teens

The evidence is very clear that the best time to treat most orthodontic problems is around the age of 11 to 13 years. This is because all your child’s adult teeth are usually present and growth is still occurring. Whyte Orthodontics offers coloured or clear braces and Invisalign® treatment to ensure your teenager has the best possible experience with a beautiful outcome.

Coloured or clear braces

For some, the teenage years is a time for expressing individuality. Coloured braces can be one way to do this and a lot of teenaged clients opt for it. They get the choice of great colours and can change the colour every time they come in, which is about every six weeks or so.

On the other hand, if your teenager wants to hide the fact they have braces, then clear braces might be a better option. With clear braces, all that can be seen is a small thin wire along the teeth.

Invisalign® for teens

Teenagers love the idea of Invisalign® – a great new smile without braces. Invisalign® is almost like invisible braces because it requires no bands, brackets or wires. However, not everyone will benefit from Invisalign® and the Invisalign® cost can sometimes be higher. Before getting your teenager’s hopes up, come in for a consultation to discuss your options.

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