Nicole Gharibi

Dental Hygienist

Nicole Gharibi

Nicole is one of the PerioHealth Care Dental Hygienists.

Nicole believes that her caring and nurturing personality was the key element that made her choose a career in the health industry. So, when she arrived in Australia in 2006, Nicole studied and worked hard to become a dental hygienist.

Nicole studied Dental Technology at TAFE and followed this up with a Bachelor of Oral Health at Newcastle University. She has been a dental hygienist since 2015. Throughout the last six years, Nicole has volunteered in Vietnam to provide dental care to disadvantage children, worked in a private country practice, and has also worked for a large corporate practice.

Nicole enjoys working with a diverse range of people and thrives in helping those with unique needs. She is passionate about making a positive impression on people’s health and believes that; because the mouth is the main entry into the human body, having a healthy mouth is crucial to good general health.

Nicole works hard to make sure her patients receive the best treatment based on their individual needs. She considers herself part of the journey to good oral health and will do her best to educate her patients in what she hopes to be a shared vision. Nicole believes that patients need to experience dental treatment in a relaxing and comfortable environment, with a high level of empathy and understanding.

Nicole thoroughly enjoys helping people and finding ways to motivate them to improve their oral health.

In her spare time Nicole enjoys walking, going to the beach and exploring the countryside.

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